Found on 39 Košická Street, Taverna, the only Greek restaurant in Bratislava has been attracting customers with its unique island interior for almost a decade.


Lovers of Mediterranean cuisine will certainly find here everything that they truly love. Our dishes are prepared exclusively with virgin Greek olive oil, and we use lots of vegetables  in combination with traditional cheese.

We serve these classics of Greek cuisine :

  • Grilled lamb chops, souvlaki   ̶   grilled meat on a stick.
  • Seafood (grilled octopus  ̶  said to be the best in the whole city (shrimps, mussels, calamari…).
  • Greek specialities such as dolmadakia or tzatziki.
  • The Greek salad choriatiki with feta cheese  ̶  absolutely not to be missed.
  • To finish a sweet baklava with refreshing iced frappé coffee.
  • We offer delicious Greek wine, retsina or ouzo, with the food.


Not only a holiday destination, Greece is also a gastronomic region for the gourmet. Enjoy an authentic Greek corner  right in the heart of Bratislava! Our great food accompanied by Greek music in the company of friends will bring back memories of  that seaside summer atmosphere.

Bon appetite! Jiasas kai kali orexi !

Owners and the whole team Taverna.